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John Wenham - Overseer

Mobile: 0484 645 177

In August 2012 my wife Sarah, our daughter Esther and I moved from Manchester in England to Broken Hill. That was a pretty big jump for us as a family, but during 2011 God had made it very clear to us that he wanted us to take our training in healthcare and use it and us for his purposes in the Outback. For more details click on this link.

Brad Lardner - Overseer

Mobile: 0407 670 470

I moved to Broken Hill in 2015 for my job as a teacher. I’m married to Naomi and we have five kids. I am passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus with our town. I enjoy talking to people from all walks of life and, whatever your background or beliefs, I would love to get to know you and share the difference that Jesus has made in my life.

Daniel Hitchcock - Overseer

Mobile: 0457 049 749

It is our privilege to serve God and others wherever we go and Broken Hill is no exception. Having been transferred here by my mining job, I enjoy sharing with others what God has done for me and offers to do for you also. He is able to remove all our guilt through Jesus, His Son, change our hearts and equip us to love Him now and forever. If you’d like a chat or prayer about this or other matters, I’d be pleased to do so with you.

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Saltbush Evangelical Church, PO Box 401, Broken Hill, NSW 2880

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