Kids & Youth Ministry

At Saltbush we understand that passing on the good news of the Gospel to the next generation is another vital form of evangelism! Here is an overview of the kids and youth programs our church runs or is involved with during the week…

Saltbush Kidz

We welcome all kids from parents attending church or kids from the community. We believe that kids should be given the opportunity to learn about Jesus from the Bible in an age appropriate way. Kids who come to Saltbush church (regular and visiting) on a Sunday are catered for from 0-15 yrs.

Crying Room

This is a space for parents/carers to use with their children under 1 for anytime during the service. It is set up with toys, mats and and a change mat.


A creche facility is provided each week for kids aged from 1 year until they go to school. Activities include a bible story, prayer, craft and free play with the supervision of 2 approved volunteer workers.


Yabbies is for kids at school from Kindergarten to year 4 during the school term. They stay in the service until instructed and move to the Yabbies room with their teacher and assistant. A Bible lesson is presented in a fun and interactive way, including reading the bible, discussing it, asking questions, participating in drama, craft, games, singing, praying and learning how to apply the Bible truths to their lives.

Other Sunday Kidz Activities

All Age Services

4 times a year kids from 4 years and up stay for the whole service which is specifically catered to include 'all ages'. This gives our teachers a break, helps young and old interact as they learn from God's Word together and aids the integration of kids into the different aspects of church.

Holiday Activities

During school holidays, Creche continues while we provide Yabbies kids with activity sheets to do during the adults bible talk.

Saltbush Youth

Saltbush desires to see the young people of Saltbush and Broken Hill make a commitment to Christ and deepen their faith through studying the Bible, praying, meeting with other believers, starting to serve others because of their love for Jesus and begin sharing their faith with others. There are 2 main ways we seek to do achieve these things for youth between years 5 and 10.

Sunday Group - Explorers

This group is for kids in years 5-10 for a bible study. They meet from 3.00-4.00pm (before church) at church and have 2 leaders. If possible, please bring your own Bible. The group stays in church for the whole service.

Friday Night Youth Group

SALT Youth Group runs on ALTERNATE Friday Nights from 5:30-7:30pm at the Community Centre for anyone in years 6 and up. It is a night filled with fun games and activities, food and time to learn about what the bible says about life.

For details on this term's dates, activities, changes, location, contact information etc go to our Facebook page Salt Youthgroup.

Special Religious Education (SRE), Broken Hill Combined Churches (SRE)

Special Religious Education (SRE) traditionally referred to as scripture, is taught as a Combined Arrangement (multiple Broken Hill churches represented) in 2 public schools. Saltbush Evangelical Church is an Approved Provider.

Approved Curriculum

The curriculum (including Scope and Sequence and the review process) which is used to teach is available for viewing at CEP Connect.


All our SRE teachers are authorised to teach once the Initial SRE Teacher Requirements and Training Checklist has been completed. This Checklist, along with the Ongoing Requirements and Training Checklist, Complaints Handling Process and Saltbush’s Safe Ministry Policy can be viewed here SRE Teacher Requirements & Training Checklist.

For any general enquiries regarding our SRE, contact Jo Kells.

Who is looking after our kids?

Crèche, Yabbies and Explorers each has a team of volunteer teachers/leaders/helpers. Each team is lead by a Team Leader and is the person you should contact if you have any questions or concerns.

All our workers comply with the "Working with Children" (WWCC) laws and are required to adhere to our Safe Ministry Policy. To obtain a WWCC number follow the steps in Application for a WWCC process. As stated in our Safe Ministry Policy our workers are also required to complete an online Safe Ministry Training course. For general information on the courses go to Our 2 appointed Safe Ministry contacts are Maddie Richards and Jennifer Custence, who have completed additional training.

For any general enquiries regarding our Kids & Youth Ministry: